This page is to notify users as to the nature of the content on my.sweet-angels.asia, and to provide a means of letting us know if there is inappropriate content on the site which bears removal. Please read this page carefuly before submitting.

my.sweet-angels.asia is an Internet Service Provider (ISP). We do not author or purchase content, but instead provide a gateway into the Usenet global internet discussion group service. As a result, content that users post to the service from any point in the world may appear here. Like any ISP we move terabytes of data every day, and cannot pre-editorialize content on the Usenet network.

In general, the online community is very well behaved about not posting illegal or inappropriate content, but it does happen. This page is to allow our users to let us know if they find this content on the site, so we may remove it.

There is a large amount of adult content on the Usenet which will appear on my.sweet-angels.asia. In general, we do not consider this inappropriate or subject to removal. Internet services are not bound by local standards of prurient interest as are some other venues. We leave self-editorialization up to our users.

Use our Contact Email to let us know about inappropriate content - you will be required to submit the URL of the page in question.

    Please keep in mind:
  • my.sweet-angels.asia will be the final decisionmaker on whether any given material should be removed.
  • We will not normally contact you regarding our decision, but we may if we have questions.
  • It may take some time for the content to come down off our site.
  • We can only remove the content from our site, we cannot remove it from the Usenet network.
  • If the content is reposted on the Usenet in a different group or at a later date, we cannot insure it will not appear on the site again.
  • We reserve the right to auto-reject requests from people who abuse this service.

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