We provides full posting headers of all files retrieved from the USENET. Before you reporting any files to us for deletion, you should view the header information - click on View Headers and you can use that information to determine who originally posted the file to USENET. Specifically look for a X-DMCA-Notifications header and ABUSE email address. With this information you can find the name of the provider that was used to post the file to USENET, and after contacting them and providing them with a copy of the header, you should be able to identify who originally posted your file and/or get the posting removed.

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sweet-angels.net is an internet service provider - we do not author or purchase our content, but instead provide a gateway into the Usenet news service, which is a global internet discussion forum. As such, we are required by the Digital Millenium Copyright Act to remove copyrighted material upon request of the copyright owner when explicitly submitted under the terms of that document.

Copyright owners should also understand that the content on our site exists on thousands of Usenet newservers throughout the world simultaneously, and that by notifying us of their content, we can only delete the instance on our service. Also, copyright owners are responsible for notifying us if the same content appears on the network again via another source. Finally, we expire every instance of content after a period of time anyways, so you might want to consider identifing the distribution source of your material, rather then the endpoints or ISPs.

If you believe that your copyright in any material has been infringed on the sweet-angels.net web site, please notify our agent for Notice of Claims of copyright infringement who can be reached at:

Copyright Agent
[email protected]

    You must provide our agent with the following information:
  • YOU must be the copyright owner of this material, or a legal proxy of the copyright owner. Otherwise, your requests will be rejected.
  • Copy and paste the exact URLs from our website where your content is located into an email. This is required by the DMCA, and our automated system will reject emails that do not have URLs to our content pages. Do not send URLs to thumbnail pages, as there are multiple images on these pages and we will not know which are yours.
  • Include a formal statement in your email that you are indeed the copyright owner or legal proxy for the copyright owner.
  • Include a formal statement in your email that you are certain that the material is not, in fact, authorized by the copyright owner or law.
  • Digitally sign the email as specified in the DMCA. Our system will validate the digital signature, and invalid digital signatures will be rejected automatically. It is the copyright owner's responsibility to understand the implementation of a digitally signed email.
  • Do not include other correspondance in the email, it is processed by an automated program.
  • Include a formal statement that the you understand the legal implications of providing false information in this request, and that all information is accurate.
  • Send the email to the address below. Copyright requests to other email addresses will not be processed.

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